Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Well, here it is, 2:30 in the afternoon, and I’m just gaining my senses for the day. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of that. Let’s just gloss that over until someone makes me feel one way or another. Nothing justifies thoughts like the thoughts of others, right?

I think I might join facebook. I might. My little brother is on it, so I wouldn’t be completely alone. And if I pop in my schools, I can find all my fellow losers. And then we can… you know, all be losers together or something like that.

Damn, I am really taking this ‘lonely’ thing to heart. I blame hormones. Nothing as depressing as waking up smelling like your own spunk and not remembering what kind of hot stallion you dreamt about to make your body do that.

As much porn as I faved, I should draw yiff. Wouldn’t hurt, only help. I know basic anatomy, I have enough of a porn-pile to copy and practice off of, and I really need something else to fill the time. Something other than MMOs and artsites and looking at yiff.

Ok. Random crap…So um… giraffe dong. Well, LEGO giraffe dong. Stolen off a large LEGO giraffe. By tourists who go to Berlin. I swear, if they’re Furries, I’m leaving the fandom for good… -_-;

*smacks self for thinking about humping a giraffe dong..*

*searches for giraffes on FA* >.>… <.<… no one will evar know…

What can I say? I have a weakness for equines… 6_6;

I don't know what it is, but I'm sneezing like crazy. Hope I'm not sick.

And internet: I don’t has one. And the “limited to no connection warning” keeps appearing and fading. What the hell? O well. Let’s hijack someone else’s.

IP conflict. Oh boy… :P

Well. i have a new puzzle for the day. Goddamnit. Everything was going all nice and then, bamph. Meh, whatever. Gives me something to do.

Nevermind. Little bro on the case. Crap, man, he’s just good at everything. Even though all he did was unplug and plug the power cord, I still think he’s a freakin’ genius.

So I think I’ll start accumulating friends on StumbleUpon. I’ll start with my subscribers and work my way out. If you’re on SU, feel free to subscribe, message, and/or friend me. My link is in my profile at the top. PleaseAndThankYou. ;P

Thank you and have a nice day.



  1. girlinhat42 Said:

    <3 Equine :3

    • angelicdirt Said:

      Me too… but not the way you mean… I think. ^_^;;

      • girlinhat42 Said:

        I kinda mean sexing, what other way is there to really interprit “<3 equine"?

  2. angelicdirt Said:

    well then, carry on… *monocle*

    • girlinhat42 Said:

      Thank you, I will *goes to find some clydesdale*

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