(Quick note: Somewhere out there, there’s a bone cancer patient who’s never seen New York and is about to loose her leg. Blunt as that was, it’s true. Please vote here. More info here. Damn, I’m bad with this… -_-;)

2:23 PM 8/26/2009

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Sugar is not a good substitute for caffeine, but it helps.

I’m on notepad today in order to write more thoughtfully and download more awesome Digimon movies. Like the full version of the “Highton View Terrace Incident”. That was great, truly gives a feel for the entire series. I’m surprised that the first evolution song didn’t play during the battle sequence between Greymon and Parrotmon. And that battle was gruesome. Man… Wings ripped, chunks of beak lost, Greymon lost half a freakin’ horn and the nose-end of his brown mask, I think. I wish the show was more like that, shit. Would have watched it more. *As though she didn’t rush home to catch the opening, and rush to school to share what she thought was going to happen next with he geeky-geek friends*

Yeah, sugar is not a caffeine substitute. But Green Tea is no Black Tea. Well… crap. Going to have to actually do something about this. I wonder how much interest has accumulated in my account? -_9′

I am slowly loosing the will to create. I can feel it. Slowly draining out of me, dripping away and drying up like water. I need some inspiration. Something new and bright and vibrant for me to soak in and make a part of me. Or maybe I just need some food? Sugar is not a substitute for food either…

My computer is old. It probably needs new everything. It chugs even when there is nothing software-wise wrong with it. but to hell if I have the money, equipment, or patience to learn how to fix it.

Alright, enough moping the fuck around. *flicks through some papers and such* I have a game to design today. And since I’m shying away from fan art, I kinda have to scrape up what I had and make it fit into one of my original ideas. Shouldn’t be too hard. Still going to be a beat’em up. Still going to have tiny little in jokes towards Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Not sure if I still want it to be super-deformed. That’s starting to be short-hand for ‘bad-ass’. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2.

But first, I think I’m going to make some eggs. Or a sandwich. Or an egg sandwich. Meh, I’ll figure it out in the kitchen. A cup of tea, and an egg sandwich. Yeah…

Grrr… just played the cute little Tetris-clone that uTorrent hid in it’s program. A might too simple for me. No sliding blocks, no wonder-lines, and it lags every time the program finishes a piece of a torrent. I suppose if you have nothing else to do and you need to burn some time before the next file completes, yeah, nice, but it’s otherwise just another clone. Beats staring at the pieces of an 80+ piece AVI fill in, that’s for sure.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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