Raid Fail


… The mini baddies it summons is no excuse. A couple of them targeted me, and I beat them with time enough to get back to healing the main tanker. I had help, but yeah… Everyone was too damned close to the Boss, and that’s about the size of it. And then my lovely connection lagged my controls… I blame the rain on that one. :P

And you know, it keeps happening to me, too. It’s like the whole gamer slate has been wiped clean and all I have left to play with are the scrappy little guys that do well enough until some actual strategy is involved. Then it all falls like a quiche in a stampede. Lovely.

Took me a while to wake up as it is. I’m just now gathering the faculties to type and such. I really don’t do 5am wake up calls that well. And to hell if I even have the cognitive sense to say no to things. Which is probably why I have a cooler full of food in my room. But it is raining. And it’s cold, too. Can’t really be out there unless I want a cold. I hope this isn’t Summer ending too soon. That would scare me a little.

So, the lot-hunt is called on the count of crappy weather. *snaps fingers in fake disappointment* As is the freecycling. It’s too bad; there were aluminum rods involved as well as some electrical wire. Sounds like support poles and twine to me, don’t you think? I really should pay more attention to the weather reports. -_-;

Meh… Thank you, and have a nice day.


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