9:39 PM 8/30/2009

Good evening, good morning, good afternoon. I really do need to find someplace to go tomorrow. This isn’t working out as quickly as I thought it would and it’s only getting stranger. There’s a thick of trees and bushes by the mall. Convenience, proximity, and I get to see if I can make a tree house in all that. See, and odd thing happens when you start stripping away the forest and shoving it into one spot. It becomes overgrown, almost to the point of looking more like jungle than temperate forest. Who knows what’s in that. Well, I’ll know in a few days. *audible gulp*

Felt crazy today. I’m thinking it’s the caffeine. I hate it when that happens. Everything I see, hear, and feel gets intensified, so guess how startled I was when I got some gas. Not funny. Not in the least.

It’s still around too, even now. Like a light buzz around my brain. I checked the bottle; no punctures or slashes and the seal was still in tact when I opened it. No poisons or foreign substances in my iced tea. Which means that either Countrytime fucked up big time, or my sensitivity to the demon caffeine is more than I thought it was. Either or, I’m going to lay off it for a few more hours. See what happens.

I’d have written this in-browser, but I keep getting the nattering need to be away from people, virtual or otherwise. I don’t even know if I’m posting this.

*flips a coin* I guess I am. *shrugs*

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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