9:57 AM 9/2/2009

It’s almost ten in the morning. I have to eventually get up, put some ‘real’ clothes on, and act like I’m going out into the world with the intention of procuring a job.

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I am a slob. I am a cold slob. I wonder if I taste as good as cole slaw…

Really. I didn’t think Fall would take things so seriously this year. It’s like all of the weak-sauces Autumns of years’ past rubber-banded back the day before September. It’s not fair: I don’t have all of my winter clothes out yet and I hardly had gotten used to Summer.

So i turn the lights out last night (or maybe it was the night before) And there’s this uneven, staccato blinking at my front window. The front light that brightens the stoop at night and stands as a signifier of whether someone in the house is awake in the daytime had popped a fuse or something. Honestly, I first thought that I had finally popped a fuse. Thank goodness that wasn’t true. 8P

I’m thinking of discontinuing the blog(s). I don’t see a point if people are going to complain. I’d continue just to spite them, but I doubt that the moderators of such places look highly to such actions. Something about the rights of others and democracy or some shit like that. Meh; all sounds like a coin flip to me…

I SO want to just bury my head under some covers. It would feel nice, but it would be boring as all get out after about the first five minutes after the first five (Where in you let the heat of your body gather and turn the covers and your bed into a little heat cocoon). Then it becomes imperative that you think of something to think of or you get up and start the process all over again: Chill, Freeze, Defrost. Hopefully, dressing in layers will help.

The bank. I need to stay awake so that I can go to the bank and approximate just how much paper tokens I have saved up. Motivation: I has one.

I could also say “Platitudes: I has one.”, but the plural and the tenses bother me too much. Also, the first one is two memes in one. There something about mushing two or more of them together that make me giggle in an idiotic kinda way. And plus, a motivation can be a platitude, but a platitude isn’t always a motivation. I think…

I could also say ‘I think I have a fever’, and then say ‘screw the rest of this day’, but that one hasn’t quite permeated my logic sensors yet.

I could say that I don’t have anything else to say, but I’d be wrong. I always have a thought or two in my head. And so ling as I still have fingers to type it, why the hell not, right?

Thank you, and have a nice day.



  1. girlinhat42 Said:

    Aw, don’t quit the posts. I just found you but now I’m intent on blog-stalking you.

    …I can’t do that anymore though, since I just told you. I need a new plan!

    • angelicdirt Said:

      Woah, stalker… I should be terrified, but I’m not. ^_^;

      Thanks. :3

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