Embrace the Random…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. The sun is up, the day is half done, and I’m about done my ‘mooching from the internets’ quota. Gob bless Greasemonkey. Pass it on, pay it forward, and wear it out until Google-Tube catches on and makes it impossible to do what we do for another week or so. (You know, when some other brilliant coder comes up with another piece of awesome.) Amen.

I’m starting to think that my Mom is just another repressed artist. She woke me up at about 8am (my ‘4-in-the-morning’) and babbles some crap about e-cards and some shit. I really don’t remember the whole thing. I do remember being reminded of the 20 or so sites that do that already, and wanting to tell her ‘shhhh’, dragging her over to my computer, and showing her these sites. Woman needs SU in her life; she might actually get an original idea… >.>

Well-meaning as that was, it doesn’t keep me from wanting to blow up the house. I don’t do completely nothing all day unless someone pisses me the fuck off. Which she does very often. Oh, to find that open lot (or switch to searching for a squat)… =_=#

Thinking about going out again tonight. No dumpsters… maybe some trashcans. Of course, nothing I find will ever be of any use until I find a place to stash all this junk. Nearest open lot i can think of is along a bus route. Meaning that it’s entirely too far to drag stuff to. Meaning that I should probably think closer, smaller, or not at all. Ugh, too depressing…

There. Fun again. :3

See… this is what happens when you run out of crap to write for the remaining fifteen minutes. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.



  1. girlinhat42 Said:

    You should tell her that she needs to make d-cards instead, and them promptly make up what a d-card is. As you finish, make an off-handed comment about f-cards. Make her start thinking…

    • angelicdirt Said:

      Haha… that’s just mean. Naw, I’m just too nice. ^_^;

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