Forged from balls of steel…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. There is a difference between doing something because you want to and doing something because someone else wants it. You can do something because you want to do it, but it can quickly change into something everyone wants, because people are naturally empty and feel they need other people’s shit to fill up their lives. Something someone else wants you to do never ever ends up being something you actually want to do. It just doesn’t. I suppose the sum-up for this is that you’re vexed either way, so you should do whatever the hell you feel like and tell them all to suck it through a dirty straw that they found in a dumpster. :P

I want to animate. Like RIGHT now. I see keyframes in everything, I look at other animation and mentally ‘correct’ the motion. I want to animate. That might be my project for the day. :3

Checking e-mail as I write. I should really unsubscribe from a lot of these things. Fastweb? Goodbye. Ntreev? Gone. Job Circle? I don’t even have the password to you anymore. And don’t get me started on GaiaOnline… -_-;

I want to play SecondLife. I don’t know. It’s not like i looked at any pic of mods on there yet or stumbled any vids. No. I just keep hearing about the vast oogobs of thing that you can do to make cash on there. The only thing is that it’s 3D. That’s a whole other skill to try to gather up. But… It’s Furcadia with money. But… I can’t 3D model if my life depended on it. I can’t And you have to be so exacting and precise about the crap. I’d rather draw something and zap it into Zbrush. *sigh*

Read this and tell me you’re not ready to keel over laughing. I hate it when they promote something like hell for ten years, and then say that it’s unhealthy for the next ten. I’m waiting for the news reports to hit the news here so that my Mom can freak out about how much I’m on the computer… again… Gob help us all… 9-9

Also, deep-fried butter. Yum. -_-;

Don’t remember if I posted this,
but it’s cool enough to post twice.

Thank you and have a nice day.



  1. girlinhat42 Said:

    I don’t think I’ve seen the crazy pandas. I want one though…

    You should try out SL, it’s extremely user friendly. At this point, there’s enough freebies out there for you to build any kind of avatar you want, and plenty of cheap stuff too, very easy to get. The important thing to know is that there’s two levels to the world. There’s the user level, where you just “plug and play” and enjoy as-is. In other words, be a resident and a consumer. Then you can get into the other side, the creative side, where you’re one of the people who scripts, creates, and sells. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy SL with no knowledge of how it works, but many people find it more fun when you can create a little.

    If you like, I can even introduce you to the world ^-^

    • angelicdirt Said:

      As much as I like to sit back and watch the fireworks, I’m way to critical to sit back and not put something forth, you know?

      The only thing keeping me from SL is the lack of rendering power. It’s odd; I can run most 3D MMOs but the textures jump and shift in SL. Not fair… T_T

      • girlinhat42 Said:

        You probably need to drop your draw range more than anything else, it can be the most important thing on computer load. If you double your draw distance, it can more than double the amount of “stuff” in view, which more than doubles your computer’s issues. When in doubt, drop it down to 64m, and then touch it up by increments until you run into major problems. Also, lowering the detail for sky and especially water can help, since water is a stable thing and always visible if you’re on the ground. (Yes, it actually exists under the surface as water, it doesn’t stop when land appears.) All of this is in Ctrl-P and then Video & Graphics.

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