Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Remember, kids, comments ruin everything. Almost. The more of them, the worse they get as people grasp at straws to say something creative. They ruin news stories on the internet with the sheer power of human ignorance. They ruin one-panel comics/memes/gags by making a mountain out of a mole hill. And they ruin your favorite song with shitty logic. Go ahead, read them, but be prepared to be annoyed.

Furthermore, I’m not a music industry expert. Autotune is a highly-abused thing, but not as crappy as chicks dressed like chickens (3rd or so outfit, during the 2nd chorus. good song otherwise), guys rapping about how much sex they have (too many examples to name, and R&B and classic rock is just as guilty. Lookin’ at YOU, Aerosmith…), and artists that have their minds warped by the industry. Please, please, PLEASE, complain about something that matters a little more than the inherent talent of a musical artist. ANYONE can do what they do. It’s been proven. Seriously.

So, how y’all doin’? *Briked again for the Freakazoid reference*

Invested some time in Furcadia again. Years and years after all my characters expired and died off, I’m back into a game who’s main idea is to create and share for it’s own sake. Oh… THAT’S why I’m back. Yay, basic Anarchistic principles. :3

Totally related… I think…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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