Good morning, good evening, good evening. You know, I’m going to try not to be clever today. It’s going to be hard: clever things are second nature to me and it will take all of me to sound as plain as possible. So, here we go…

Woke up all achy and cold today. I think it’s officially Fall now. That, and the Sun Festival is going on in Furc. So, yeah, I shoulda known.

Rolled over and spied half-a-box of Brisk and package of instant Thai noodles. While breakfast was taken care of, I was slow on precisely how it got there. I later remembered that I ‘dreamed’ that Mom came in, plopped the box on the floor, and said what they were. Then she came back and snugged the noodles on top of the box and said that it was some sort of sesame-peanut flavor. Bless that lady, but that’s not what you want to hear at actual 4-in-the-ass-crack of morning. >.<

To be honest, it tasted alright. My only gripe with Thai food is that it doesn't stay on one part of your tongue. Sweet, salty, sour, savory, and then sweet again. And all this is usually, more often than not, surrounded in a ball of hot that usually bounces rapidly up and down the Scoville scale depending on how long ago you took a bite. It’s more irritating than tasty. You have to constantly ask yourself, “What the hell am I eating?” =_=#

Slogging through FA submissions. Oi, I hate this. A month and a half’s worth of 13 watched people, and a dozen or so random comments that were answered and that I have to answer back. Ugh… =_=;

Meh, I can look at those later… T_T…


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