Of Mice and Covers

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. She’s starting to ask what I did all day. When all day consists of three hours of consciousness, its starts sounding like a joke. Just a thought.

Bless a mother’s heart for worrying, and a their mind for always thinking the worse…

Coiled in the covers for half the morning has become second nature. I do all my best daydreaming that way. I’ve got chapters plotted out in my head that I don’t think I couldn’t have possibly thought of awake. Or even semi awake. Helps that I watched a buttload of Doctor Who the other day. Oh, poor Donna. That’s worse than what happened to Rose… T_T

Don’t know what I’m doing today. Should I even do anything today? Every bone in my body says no, but I’m probably going to do something any how. It’s kinda how it works: I don’t want to do anything at all, but I find something anyway.

Been watching this guy play the “… of Illusion” Games. Honestly, I’ve only played World and bits of Castle. Had no clue about the Game Gear ones. Good games, all four. I still like Fantasia better. That thing was NintendoHard… Anyway, Land of Illusion has to be the funniest of them. No offense to the guy, but his Platforming instincts must’ve been sleeping on him, because his Mario and RockMan LPs were actually pretty slick, imho.


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