How not to start a blog entry…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I’ve been a bit anti-social as of late. At moments, it’s intentional; I get angry at the oddest little things. Haven’t been feeling my own self-worth as it were. And sometimes it’s the just the overwhelming feeling that I should just disappear and let everyone be.

That angst aside, how y’all doin’? *brik’ed*

PowaPuf Girls Zetto, DA WAN!

So I go looking for the 27th episode of PPGZ. (I’m insanely addicted. If I were 10, I’d squeal every time I hear the opening. Hell, I squeal now. :P ) GUBA, as awesome as it tries to be, is insanely glitchy. This results in funky, segmented embeds when all you want is your standard GoogleTube embeddings; or the video itself not loading. I’d watch on GoogleTube, but the subs get cut off at the bottom sometimes and, well, its kinda useless when you’re used to knowing what was going on. I may have played whole games in Japanese, but that’s different. You don’t quite need story as much in a game as you need it in a show.

Hence why, as I write, I’m downloading DPPGZ-27 from someone’s MegaUpload mirror. Better than nothing, I suppose. (It’s been an hour and a half in counting. It could always be worse. It could always be far, far worse.)

Just when I thought I was going to die from boredom, I flicked up some Manga instead. “$100 is Too Cheap”. Title read interestingly enough. And I was bored. For a one-shot, it’s a nice, solid read. Western-punk meets Sherlock Holmes, in a small way. Wonder if it’ll get serialized? That would be cool. :3

Of course, one can’t really die from boredom. That’s stupid. That’s like saying that you can die from stupid… Well, you can, but that’s an indirect cause of death.

Geh. Connection is being fussy. I’ll go fiddle with the settings nao.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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