Douchery BEYOND Douchery…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. You know, according to the world-at-large-around-me, I probably have no right at all to this rant. I’ve got no money, I own no land or stock, and I hardly get up past 1pm any more. But you kno what? I’m going to type this any way. Because your misery is my misery. And I LOVE company.

So, I don’t have to tell you how douchey Comcast is. If you’ve used them for internet, if you’ve heard or read stories about the inconsistent service and how you’re locked in a contract when you buy the bundle and what-have-you. Those things are at least bearable seeing as how you probably couldn’t peg them for that in a courtroom. This, tho. This you could… You’d have to be as ’bout as sneaky as them to get it through, but you could try… … … (huge document that looks horrible on the page, and more whining/ranting, under the cut)

And it goes on for about a page more, listing all the books in the HP series. Oh joy…

(Left it huge so that you could relish every letter of it. Excuse the bad page formatting. *bows apologetically*)

Firstly, if they see my D/Ls, they probably see everything else. This is nice if they use it to stop viruses from coming down the pike. Which they don’t. So why do they do this? To cover their asses assets. *faceplams for a moment and sighs to let the steam out of her ears* Essentially, if they get caught giving internet to P2P users, they pay a fee as well. Rather than look like super-douches and take the customer to court, they merely cut your internet and are done with it. Nice.

Secondly, They don’t get me on the countless episodes of licensed TV shows, anime, or the numerous music albums I’ve copied (some before their release date, I should boast). OooooHOHOHO, no. They get me for Harry Potter books. Harry-fucking-Potter books. At least snag me for… episodes of House** or NCIS**! BESTIALITY PORN!!** Anything has got to be cooler than Harry Potter books!!! And for their big, fat information, I bought four of the books, and, as overpriced as reading materials are, half the price of the first four could have easily paid for the ink, paper, and shipping costs of the last three. (NOT that the last book was any good, mind you… >:P ) If I had the receipts, I’d have a case probably. Hell, If I still had the books, I might have had a case.

Thirdly, what hell else are these faggots seeing, hmm? Land of the free, home of constant surveillance, I swear. They probably didn’t like the copies of “Anarchist Cookbook” that was in there as well. XP … Seriously, they might as well take me away now. Where’s the cuffs? Maybe a straitjacket, because they ARE going to have to restrain me.

Also, thanks for the heads up on what not to download. Suckers. >;P

I realize that posting it here does next to nothing. But an angry email to them would do less. Might actually push me into the negatives, considering what I really want to say… LEAVE MY LAW-ABIDING FAMILY ALONE AND COME GET ME, BITCHES!!! *sigh* For now, I think I’m through blowing steam behind their backs instead of in their faces. ‘Cause… I’m just cowardly that way. *sighs again, tired*

Thank you, and have a nice day.

note: **Hack me and check my HD. I have none of these, nor do I plan on D/L them. I’d rather be known for pirating something cooler, that I couldn’t just find somewhere else easier. Yes, even losers have a sense of image and honor. ;P



  1. girlinhat42 Said:

    This kinda reminds me of the time I was driving along a 3lane road, minding my own business (in the slow lane I might add, the safe lane) and a Comcast van (the big ones with the ladder tied to the roof) cuts from the far left lane to the far right, directly in front of me, slows to nearly a stop, and turns off onto a side-road. Coincidentally, the “How’s my driving?” tag had the ID number scratched off, which I realized later, because at the time I was too busy testing my brakes.

    • angelicdirt Said:

      Sounds believable. They aren’t much better on city streets either.

      They take bribes as well: my Mom’s bf gave the last guy to come out a 20 and his exterminating business card and the Comcast guy strung the cable lines out to the garage. Oh, corruption. -_-;

  2. […] have already seen it by now, but I decided to wait. That, and I was in the middle of that whole Torrent incident. After 12p, the tv is mine. >.>… […]

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