Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Patapon is a game that is ten times more gruesome/dark than it gives itself credit for. The solders sound like kids when they sing, the way they handle life and death is highly simplified, and (unless I’m seeing things) the first worm boss actually gains a head full of arrows and spears as you fight him. Oh yeah; I want this game. >:3

Took me so long to draw yesterday, that I had to post my commission thingys late last night. “What pic?” and “What commissions?” you ask? Well, firstly…

… THIS pic. >:3

And secondly, THIS commission. C’mon. You know you want some.

(EDIT: Links should be all fixxor’d.)

So… how y’all doin’? *briked*

*is probably going to end up posting videos, but hold out hope… ^_^;…*

80 Cores, 1TB of RAM, $8000. It’s an arse-load of moneys, but it’s cheap by gaming rig standards. I… I do believe I have a goal. *stoic-face*

Meh, this is good enough. *nods*

Thank you, and have a nice day.



  1. girlinhat42 Said:

    Picture fail, fyi. Returns error 403, access forbidden. Perhaps you tried to include the link while logged in, and since I’m not logged into FA under your name, I cannot get that page? Maybe try logging out of FA and posting the non-logged link?

    Also, you gain +2 win for the tag “shameless self promotion”.

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