Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I don’t know if it’s the chill in the air or the fact that I could not partake in the chamomile goodness that lulled me to sleep the other night, but I am a real grump when it looks like people have turned on me. OR perhaps the combined doucheness of my older brother and my mom’s bf in one room is just too much for me. Who knows.

Between Brandon’s impromptu Japanese practice and the potbellied-would-be-stepdad’s chronic loudness, I was about ready to kill things. Not a bad emotion when you get used to it, but it gets hard to hide. And people expect you to hide that kind of shit. But how are they supposed to cower in fear and make me feel better? This world makes no sense, I tells ya… :P

Not that my older bro butchers the language. Oh no; man took lessons and everything. Goes to Chinatown to practice. I’ve never met a more devoted Japanophile in my entire life. (Of course, I don’t meet many people period, but that’s a different subject.)

Got some PKMN in the BG. I don’t know; just listening to fights in Battle Revolution makes me feel as though I own it. Meh, someday…

Okay, here’s the theory: Takes about a week to breed and EV trained any SINGLE pokemon. Less than a day for an egg to be laid, an average of three days to hatch the one with a good enough Nature, and a good four or more days to acquire the needed EVs (Pokerus + Power Items, of course). This in mind, wouldn’t it be easier to plan the mons up, set six poke’s to the side (hatch them all first), and then train them all in one specific stat? Of course, the resulting team would be a little one-sided, but I’m doing all this to build a stable of Mon to mix and match as I choose. And If I really do get a stable team out of all this, all the better. Anything to shape up my online record and better my “Bench” box. HP-based builds first. :3

Here, have a Pokemon match…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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