Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. It’s cold. It’s cold, and my head hurts. It’s cold, my head hurts, and I think I have a fever. Aside from that, I’m fine. How y’all doin’?…

*… isn’t briked.* O_O…

I have never been too cold to sleep before last night. It’s like someone stuck this side of the plant in the freezer and cranked it to 100 below. I’ve been thinking about sticking a scarf around my neck. Or turning all the appliances on and gleaning warmth from them. Or breaking up furniture and lighting a bonfire. Meh, whichever one works better.

Off-hand, I’ve been very Pokemon-ish as of late. If I haven’t been watching battles, I’ve been training. If I’ve been doing neither of those, I’ve been planning Stat teams to train for general use. Lets see… four days, and three perfectly bred Mon in the theme of maximizing life-growth. And it’s satisfying in such a way that I find hard to put into words. Scary and giggly at the same time, I suppose. :3

My temperament is such that I often start things but don’t find a use in continuing. The horrible thing is that I keep doing the same thing over and over. I get a ‘brilliant’ idea, I plan said brilliant idea, then I either get bored or someone side tracks me. I hate it. So why do I keep doing it?

Quests, little carrots dangled in front of our noses, leading us this way and that. Always in straight lines. Always forward, and never noticing all the interesting things around them.

It’s usually when I realize that it’s just a silly little carrot on a string that I made up myself when an idea usually sours on me… “Haha, what you were following was fake and you’ll never be happy. Ever.”

*And here’s the part where I cringe and consider erasing what I just wrote or even not posting at all…*

So… Old guy who draws comics. Funny stuff. And he’s obviously shameless in his use of StumbleUpon to attract attention. Guy after my own heart. Or is that the other way around? -_-;;;

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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