Alright. New theme, new lease on blogging, same old crap to bitch about.

I need a new gimmick, as well. The whole “Good Morning” thing has been rendered moot to me. You know, like when you say or hear a word so much that it looses all meaning. It just sits there, staring at you, expecting you to know what it is, and all you can come up with is a big, fat nothing. The abstract fission of shapes called letters reducing itself to nothing but yet another visual representation Euclidean simplisim…. So, um, yeah…

*is briked for not really explaining anything with so, SO many words*

I love this song. The video has that whole angsty-love-loss-with-sweeping-landscapes and-flashbacks-thing going for it. So why the hell did that become THIS…

I know, I know… The Goldeneye Cart glitch, and a handful of strange people from Japan, but… honestly… My fascination stopped when I found out that the helicopter (and the tanks, if I remember correctly) ‘did the weird’ when you slightly removed the cart, too. Ah… good times. Goes to show you; put anything to music and humans will find meaning in it.

(Also, I realize that this is nowhere near the original carrier of the meme, but I can at least laugh at this one… the others just weird me out.)

And then I found this…

My first response: “Oh my fart, it’s Extreme-G to music… DOOOO… WANT! *^*…” Alternatively, Audiosurf is probably more like Catch the Beat in a Tron Cycle. Neat thing about the program is that unlike StepMania and osu!, all you need is the music. The game scans the mp3 and generates a track from, well, the track itself. ^_^; The slightly-un-neat thing is that it’s 10 bucks, but that’s a minor gripe… I’d pay. You know, if i had cash. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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