Forging ahead through the age of… was… was I saying something? ._.

I know I’m supposed to post something, but i don’t know what. It’s like getting to the store, swearing you needed something, but you have no clue what it was you needed.

*too preoccupied to be briked*

I know a wasted most of the day playing puzzle pirates (more satisfying than you think). Then I Stumbled for a bit. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe it was a strange weekend. Maybe I shouldn’t be hanging around semi-habitual drunks that rattle your nerves like ghost chains anymore.

Excuses aside, I have a stomach fill of dry ramen, a mind full of haze, and about three hours of awake time to try and actually make something out of. No, too stoic. I just want to draw or write something. That’s all. No pain, no pressure, no false purpose-tude.

ROM hackers are evil.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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