Empending dooms of doomy dooms

… that is what getting the change from an errand for my mother usually spells. It has to. If she had a catchy phrase it would be “And I want ALL my change.” I’m serious… … … Don’t laugh, this is serious. I have about a buck-twenty in change, and I have no idea what to use it for. o_O

*briked once for the lame opening zing, and briked again for not posting a damned thing in what seems like ages (and is probably just a week or two). An extra brik missed in an attempt to hit her for not answering comments and only logging in for smut*

Another mental crisis avoided, merely by walking outside. I could say, in the spirit of Sunday, that I had finally let Jesus into my heart and put faith into humanity and believed that Bush did his best for our beloved country. But that would be a bald-face lie. Instead, I’m going to go for the scientific cop-out of having soaked up just enough rays of sun through my pasty, off-brown skin to produce just enough melatonin in order to function like a human being again. Yay, proteins, the natural building-blocks of life. Yay, still being a misanthropic, self-centered, society-hating weirdo.

I want to animate. But every time I get an idea, I go more than a little overboard planning. Then the intimidation sets in. So, tells ya what I’m gonna try. Doing the least amount of work possible. You heard me. Minimal effort.

That probably goes double for the writing. No more going about my work with grim grit and determination. What else do I have all these silly Ideas if I didn’t think they’d be fun? :(

O carp, writing. O carp, NaNoWriMo. O carp, I’m a whole week behind… -_-;… Great. Need to gnash my head against a wall for a little bit now, thanks.

Meh, back to it, then.


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