One ruins the bunch…

… Well, that video should own your soul as much as it owns mine right now. :P

*briked for starting with a possibly addicting video*

I really wish I could give the original artist their props. I am planning an animation as we speak. Honestly, you could put any characters you want to this and it would turn out epic, so instead of doing a tribute to SNK or Phantasy Star like I was thinking at first, I decided on doing my own characters justice. Sketches to come. Hopefully.

That pretty much sums up yesterday and today; plotting, planning, and keyframing. I hate keyframes. No. I hate filling in keyframes. *shudders at all the in between work that she just unwittingly gave herself* Doesn’t matter. Not really. I’m going to write this journal, apply for a job, and then test the keys and in-betweens I finished yesterday before I go too far with them.

Oh, and I was getting all inspired as well. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. ^_^… … …

… Doesn’t that just remind you of Ren & Simpy or Mr. Magoo. Epically digging the ending. Anvilicious, but sneakily so. Didn’t hit me until the animation stopped. Left me with that kind of solemn ‘wow’ feeling you get when come out of a movie that actually had some substance. And not a girly sob story or a string of explosions laced on top of plot. Those movies that made you think and laugh and cry all at once. Like Dogma. Or the Original Planet of the Apes. Or watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit after you grow up enough to understand the actual plot through the gratuitous gags.

… … … Dood. Ocarina of Rhyme. Not a Rap fan, but dayum. This hot, yo. O-O

Yes, I speak fluent Ebonics. I kinda have to… >.>… <.<…

Thank you and have a nice day.


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