Quickly slowing down

Apologies for any visual blips last time. I’ll fix it after I finish this entry.

*brikd for having a slight emotional breakdown last time* … I know I keep saying I do this regardless of reaction, but damnit, I don’t want to go crazy just yet. You gotta be in the mood for “bat-shit crazy”

I should have enough reason for it in a couple of days. There’s a holiday tomorrow. Lots of people, lots of grief, and plenty of chance for conflict. Why is it holidays, anyway? Why can’t we just immediately follow our feelings and beat the crap out of people who we know are going to be a pain in the ass? “Oh, you ruined a perfectly good holiday.” No, I just took your holiday and turned into a reason to remember not to mix me with certain people.

*big, deep sigh…*

Some things to be thankful for, and some things to not…

Omnomnomratcake… :P

… I think some people miss the point of this thing called ‘existence’…

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords. :3
(Probably best if you clicked this pic. ^_^;)

Now THAT is a mom…
… … … I love you, Mom. Honest. ^_^;

Thank you, and have a happy turkey-day. :3


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