Remain calm…

… this is only a drill…

ah, visual puns... :P

*brikd for the joke first thing*

Should probably nuke that first pic from last time. Apparently sharing things on the internet is wrong or something like that. (Yes, I know exactly what they mean. I’m just being a pain about it. >:P )

Woke up and had the strangest revelation today. I don’t have enough fun. True fun. Laughing-like-a-hyena, giggling-like-a-harpy fun. Everything that I remotely connect with the word always holds the possibility of turning sour the second I turn around. Or at least turning sour in my own mind. Why is that? My brain ruins everything. I hope I get a tumor. Stupid brain.

Now if I could only think of something to write. Nothing seems as interesting as it used to be. I need something new. Or, worse, someone new. Or do I? People only seems to complicate things, but it’s that lovely complexity that keeps us from becoming vapid shells of what we’re supposed to be. That is, that’s only if you believe that we’re supposed to be anything at all.


Thank you, and have a nice day.


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