Turn cold…

Ice cold. Like, keep-your-perishables-outside-instead-of-the-refrigerator cold. Ah, mother nature, why must you treat me like your own personal bitch in the winter?

*brikd for bitching about the weather*

I would suppose that all I can really do is bundle up and shut the heck up, but what would it be if I didn’t needlessly complain about it? It would be not entertaining, that’s what it would be.

Got up early yesterday, all pumped and ready to take on the world. For the umpeenth time in my life, I have given up trying not to drive myself hard and opted for a temp agency. By the sound of the terse and stressed lady on the phone that filled me in on all of the details with minimum asking, I see that, even now, this is going to be something that I will do only a few days of the week. I don’t care, really. I am not here to drone my life away. But I don’t like being without cash, so whadaya gonna do, rite?

That is not to say that I think that money and happiness are the same. They are both concepts of the abstract thinking of Man (we who have these big brains that have nothing else to do but measure and define everything we experience). While happiness is all well and good, we somehow decided that gaining that happiness requires a go between so that we don’t have to go on and on deciding on whether three sheep are worth a single steer or some silly thing like that. So it was decided by those who had more steer or sheep that the shiny crap that someone dug up out of the ground wound stand in for it.

(I’m GROSSLY simplifying… insanely, really…)

Now we willingly owe loan after loan, and scrape and save to pay back only interest, and never really subsuming anything more than the junk we think we want. Makes me hope that the next great extinction takes us out quickly so that we don’t recover quite so well…

And that must be my rant, because I really don’t feel like talking about that anymore.

So my birthday is in three days. I really don’t care-care about it. All I really want is a solid day of doing nothing, but I doubt I’ll get that. What I’m asking for (because I think Mom would feel bad if I didn’t ask for anything) is a stand-alone digital voice recorder. I want to keep a vlog and I have absolutely no audio recording capabilities. Unless I’ve been doing something wrong…


Nevermind, I think I’m asking for the right thing. Besides, I don’t think I have the PCI slots for an audio card. And if I’m going to get something huge and expensive, I’d rather buy it myself. No sense in having people gush all over you with lavish things. Always speaks to me of some ulterior motive.

In any case, random pic time…

    Stare deep into the eyes of oblivion… o.o

When you see it, ya’ll niggas’ll shit briks.
(Note: I am Black. No need for alarm. :P )

Also, it’s probably best if you looked at this article before making a mod or game based on a real area. My response lies here under the same title, give or take a page (I don’t know how to link separate reviews yet, sorry…). I already ranted on WP once today… |(…


Thank you, and have a nice day.


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