Up(date) and out

Or out and about. Depends on how you think about it. Let me esplain… too much to esplain, let me sum-up.

*brikd for quoting a cult classic*

I, for the past week, have been going to a job agency. It’s strange. I don’t feel either way about it. Near-past me might have felt mortified, completely embarrassed for myself and the people around me. Far-past me wouldn’t have even thought to go. In any case, within three days, I was sent to a warehouse to pack lotion and hair-loss solution into boxes. Very important work. 9_9… Everyone keeps asking me “how you like it” and if I’m ‘okay’. (One of these days, I’ll have to post a pic of me. I don’t know. Just to show you the shape of the crazy you’re dealing with. People honestly think I’m 12 or something else WAY under 26. :P ) I know it’s only the first few days, but I know what I can take. I know myself a little better now. And if I have a problem, I’m going to be sure to address it. ASAP. I may not understand the world, but I know how to deal with the crazies. As quickly and as calmly as possible.

Bottom line of that is that I has a moneys. I also has a tireds during the week dealing with all of the noise and travel, so I’m pretty sure that I’ll only have time to post during the weekends.

This is the weekend of that the new Doctor Who movie. Of course, via the miracle of the internuts, I could have already seen it by now, but I decided to wait. That, and I was in the middle of that whole Torrent incident. After 12p, the tv is mine. >.>… <.<…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


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