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Because you’re going to hear it all month long…

Happy new year. There. Said it.

I hope no one expects me to say that every time I see them. It’s okay now, but it get’s redundant when it’s a day away from February and you’re still cheerfully clamoring, “Happy New Year” like an over-excited animitronic puppet. At that particular point, it IS the new year. Do please to be knowing that… 9_9;;;

*brikd for being a little dramatic*

I’ve eaten so many greens and black-eyed peas, I think I’m going to be crapping dollars and pennies for weeks. Which, I have to say, hurts so far. (I’m pretty sure most will get this, but as far as tradition goes the first pair represents the second. Take a guess at what I’m comparing the second pair to… Yay, toilet humor…)

I should really start recording when I play games. I don’t know. Just something else for me to do. As if I didn’t already have about a billion other ideas. It’s just that I keep coming up with clever commentary when I know that no one will ever hear it. And I keep watching other people on YouTube and how much fun it seems to be. I don’t know. I think I should actually finish something before I start trying anything new, eh?

And now, some links that have nothing to do with each other than my StumbleUpon…

Mister Russell here explains the nature of gravity wells. I can’t quite explain it, but this is one of the many reasons that Mathematicians and Engineers scare me. They just know entirely too much. XD

And if you ever want to end it all (virtually), there’s the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine. Despite the name, it’s not as cool as it sounds. There’s no dramatic talk to someone on the top of a skyscraper nor is there a single hangman’s noose jerry-rig involved. And this disappoints me greatly. :(

And now, cat armor for no real reason. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.


AngelicDirt, wishing you all a…

… wait for it… WAIIIIIIT for iiitttt…

(I.E., click below if you don’t mind a good raunchy joke… :P)

… continue reading this entry.

Up(date) and out

Or out and about. Depends on how you think about it. Let me esplain… too much to esplain, let me sum-up.

*brikd for quoting a cult classic*

I, for the past week, have been going to a job agency. It’s strange. I don’t feel either way about it. Near-past me might have felt mortified, completely embarrassed for myself and the people around me. Far-past me wouldn’t have even thought to go. In any case, within three days, I was sent to a warehouse to pack lotion and hair-loss solution into boxes. Very important work. 9_9… Everyone keeps asking me “how you like it” and if I’m ‘okay’. (One of these days, I’ll have to post a pic of me. I don’t know. Just to show you the shape of the crazy you’re dealing with. People honestly think I’m 12 or something else WAY under 26. :P ) I know it’s only the first few days, but I know what I can take. I know myself a little better now. And if I have a problem, I’m going to be sure to address it. ASAP. I may not understand the world, but I know how to deal with the crazies. As quickly and as calmly as possible.

Bottom line of that is that I has a moneys. I also has a tireds during the week dealing with all of the noise and travel, so I’m pretty sure that I’ll only have time to post during the weekends.

This is the weekend of that the new Doctor Who movie. Of course, via the miracle of the internuts, I could have already seen it by now, but I decided to wait. That, and I was in the middle of that whole Torrent incident. After 12p, the tv is mine. >.>… <.<…

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Turn cold…

Ice cold. Like, keep-your-perishables-outside-instead-of-the-refrigerator cold. Ah, mother nature, why must you treat me like your own personal bitch in the winter?

*brikd for bitching about the weather*

I would suppose that all I can really do is bundle up and shut the heck up, but what would it be if I didn’t needlessly complain about it? It would be not entertaining, that’s what it would be.

Got up early yesterday, all pumped and ready to take on the world. For the umpeenth time in my life, I have given up trying not to drive myself hard and opted for a temp agency. By the sound of the terse and stressed lady on the phone that filled me in on all of the details with minimum asking, I see that, even now, this is going to be something that I will do only a few days of the week. I don’t care, really. I am not here to drone my life away. But I don’t like being without cash, so whadaya gonna do, rite?

That is not to say that I think that money and happiness are the same. They are both concepts of the abstract thinking of Man (we who have these big brains that have nothing else to do but measure and define everything we experience). While happiness is all well and good, we somehow decided that gaining that happiness requires a go between so that we don’t have to go on and on deciding on whether three sheep are worth a single steer or some silly thing like that. So it was decided by those who had more steer or sheep that the shiny crap that someone dug up out of the ground wound stand in for it.

(I’m GROSSLY simplifying… insanely, really…)

Now we willingly owe loan after loan, and scrape and save to pay back only interest, and never really subsuming anything more than the junk we think we want. Makes me hope that the next great extinction takes us out quickly so that we don’t recover quite so well…

And that must be my rant, because I really don’t feel like talking about that anymore.

So my birthday is in three days. I really don’t care-care about it. All I really want is a solid day of doing nothing, but I doubt I’ll get that. What I’m asking for (because I think Mom would feel bad if I didn’t ask for anything) is a stand-alone digital voice recorder. I want to keep a vlog and I have absolutely no audio recording capabilities. Unless I’ve been doing something wrong…


Nevermind, I think I’m asking for the right thing. Besides, I don’t think I have the PCI slots for an audio card. And if I’m going to get something huge and expensive, I’d rather buy it myself. No sense in having people gush all over you with lavish things. Always speaks to me of some ulterior motive.

In any case, random pic time…

    Stare deep into the eyes of oblivion… o.o

When you see it, ya’ll niggas’ll shit briks.
(Note: I am Black. No need for alarm. :P )

Also, it’s probably best if you looked at this article before making a mod or game based on a real area. My response lies here under the same title, give or take a page (I don’t know how to link separate reviews yet, sorry…). I already ranted on WP once today… |(…


Thank you, and have a nice day.

Snow on the dashboard, snow on the ground

9GAG has it. It just stopped wet-snowing around here, irl. And as I returned to my WP dashboard and saw floating flecks of white. Well, have to brace myself for the invasion of the MySpace script that should have stayed there.

*brikd for having no holiday spirit*

I’ll gave to look into starting an errand business or something. Been doing it forever, I have all the time in the world, and heck knows if I can go to a store and buy something for some old people. I mean, they’re practically all up and down my block. And if they aren’t aged socialites, they’re busy families that could probably care less about standing in long, long lines at the supermarket. I could totally do that… Oh… wait… I’d need a phone for something like that. And I’m pretty sure Mom would be a bit of a killjoy about just how honest people are or some nightmare scenario like that. Oh man, wrinkles to iron out…

Played some Triple Triad last night. Subsequently reminded myself of why I probably stopped playing: It’s too damned fun.

This is your minigame.

This is your minigame on drugs.

Or ADD. It doesn’t get ADHD unless you’re playing in a timed tourney. Going to play some after I animate today. :P

Who am I kidding? *starts game up*

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Remain calm…

… this is only a drill…

ah, visual puns... :P

*brikd for the joke first thing*

Should probably nuke that first pic from last time. Apparently sharing things on the internet is wrong or something like that. (Yes, I know exactly what they mean. I’m just being a pain about it. >:P )

Woke up and had the strangest revelation today. I don’t have enough fun. True fun. Laughing-like-a-hyena, giggling-like-a-harpy fun. Everything that I remotely connect with the word always holds the possibility of turning sour the second I turn around. Or at least turning sour in my own mind. Why is that? My brain ruins everything. I hope I get a tumor. Stupid brain.

Now if I could only think of something to write. Nothing seems as interesting as it used to be. I need something new. Or, worse, someone new. Or do I? People only seems to complicate things, but it’s that lovely complexity that keeps us from becoming vapid shells of what we’re supposed to be. That is, that’s only if you believe that we’re supposed to be anything at all.


Thank you, and have a nice day.

Quickly slowing down

Apologies for any visual blips last time. I’ll fix it after I finish this entry.

*brikd for having a slight emotional breakdown last time* … I know I keep saying I do this regardless of reaction, but damnit, I don’t want to go crazy just yet. You gotta be in the mood for “bat-shit crazy”

I should have enough reason for it in a couple of days. There’s a holiday tomorrow. Lots of people, lots of grief, and plenty of chance for conflict. Why is it holidays, anyway? Why can’t we just immediately follow our feelings and beat the crap out of people who we know are going to be a pain in the ass? “Oh, you ruined a perfectly good holiday.” No, I just took your holiday and turned into a reason to remember not to mix me with certain people.

*big, deep sigh…*

Some things to be thankful for, and some things to not…

Omnomnomratcake… :P

… I think some people miss the point of this thing called ‘existence’…

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords. :3
(Probably best if you clicked this pic. ^_^;)

Now THAT is a mom…
… … … I love you, Mom. Honest. ^_^;

Thank you, and have a happy turkey-day. :3

Portents of Possibility

… Are non-existent when you wake up to the horrors of possibly being schizophrenic. I’m not saying that I want to be as well-adjusted as a car’s brakes after a trip to Manny, Moe, and Jack’s. I’m saying I want to wake up one day and wonder why I’m being served breakfast in my room when I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself. Yes, It’s Sunday. Yes, Mom usually does that on Sunday. But I doubt to see the cause of it if we’re all eating in our rooms like a good little dysfunctional tribe.

*brikd for the negative start*

Sketches… meh…

Not really enthusiastic about anything at the moment, what with scaring myself with delusions of poisoned food and feigned love and all. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a real emotion since kindergarten. Not one that I didn’t feel bad about almost immediately after.

One ruins the bunch…

… Well, that video should own your soul as much as it owns mine right now. :P

*briked for starting with a possibly addicting video*

I really wish I could give the original artist their props. I am planning an animation as we speak. Honestly, you could put any characters you want to this and it would turn out epic, so instead of doing a tribute to SNK or Phantasy Star like I was thinking at first, I decided on doing my own characters justice. Sketches to come. Hopefully.

That pretty much sums up yesterday and today; plotting, planning, and keyframing. I hate keyframes. No. I hate filling in keyframes. *shudders at all the in between work that she just unwittingly gave herself* Doesn’t matter. Not really. I’m going to write this journal, apply for a job, and then test the keys and in-betweens I finished yesterday before I go too far with them.

Oh, and I was getting all inspired as well. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. ^_^… … …

… Doesn’t that just remind you of Ren & Simpy or Mr. Magoo. Epically digging the ending. Anvilicious, but sneakily so. Didn’t hit me until the animation stopped. Left me with that kind of solemn ‘wow’ feeling you get when come out of a movie that actually had some substance. And not a girly sob story or a string of explosions laced on top of plot. Those movies that made you think and laugh and cry all at once. Like Dogma. Or the Original Planet of the Apes. Or watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit after you grow up enough to understand the actual plot through the gratuitous gags.

… … … Dood. Ocarina of Rhyme. Not a Rap fan, but dayum. This hot, yo. O-O

Yes, I speak fluent Ebonics. I kinda have to… >.>… <.<…

Thank you and have a nice day.

Empending dooms of doomy dooms

… that is what getting the change from an errand for my mother usually spells. It has to. If she had a catchy phrase it would be “And I want ALL my change.” I’m serious… … … Don’t laugh, this is serious. I have about a buck-twenty in change, and I have no idea what to use it for. o_O

*briked once for the lame opening zing, and briked again for not posting a damned thing in what seems like ages (and is probably just a week or two). An extra brik missed in an attempt to hit her for not answering comments and only logging in for smut*

Another mental crisis avoided, merely by walking outside. I could say, in the spirit of Sunday, that I had finally let Jesus into my heart and put faith into humanity and believed that Bush did his best for our beloved country. But that would be a bald-face lie. Instead, I’m going to go for the scientific cop-out of having soaked up just enough rays of sun through my pasty, off-brown skin to produce just enough melatonin in order to function like a human being again. Yay, proteins, the natural building-blocks of life. Yay, still being a misanthropic, self-centered, society-hating weirdo.

I want to animate. But every time I get an idea, I go more than a little overboard planning. Then the intimidation sets in. So, tells ya what I’m gonna try. Doing the least amount of work possible. You heard me. Minimal effort.

That probably goes double for the writing. No more going about my work with grim grit and determination. What else do I have all these silly Ideas if I didn’t think they’d be fun? :(

O carp, writing. O carp, NaNoWriMo. O carp, I’m a whole week behind… -_-;… Great. Need to gnash my head against a wall for a little bit now, thanks.

Meh, back to it, then.

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