Forging ahead through the age of… was… was I saying something? ._.

I know I’m supposed to post something, but i don’t know what. It’s like getting to the store, swearing you needed something, but you have no clue what it was you needed.

*too preoccupied to be briked*

I know a wasted most of the day playing puzzle pirates (more satisfying than you think). Then I Stumbled for a bit. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe it was a strange weekend. Maybe I shouldn’t be hanging around semi-habitual drunks that rattle your nerves like ghost chains anymore.

Excuses aside, I have a stomach fill of dry ramen, a mind full of haze, and about three hours of awake time to try and actually make something out of. No, too stoic. I just want to draw or write something. That’s all. No pain, no pressure, no false purpose-tude.

ROM hackers are evil.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Warning: emo bullsiht ahead…

… Yeah, now they’re in my heart…
… continue reading this entry.


You know, one of these days, I have to just admit that I’ve got little to no direction, little motivation, and absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Push come to shove, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*still getting briked for whatever the hell kind of intro that was*

Puzzle Pirates. You’d think it would be a bomb-out idea, liable to fail in logic at any moment. The trouble is it’s not, and it works for the most-part. It’s like… thinking about Pokemon. “Why the hell do these strange people care about silly little animals that breathe fire?” Well, because they’re silly little animals that breathe fire. It’s self-sustaining; self-justified; because if they really existed, that’s probably what would happen. Same with PP; if matching colored pieces together could set sails or equate to fighting prowess, then it would probably work. In this way, a fully crewed ship, working several puzzles at once, function much like an actual sailing crew. One person screws up, the whole ship goes to bilge… er, shit. The only logic-fail I’ve hit was the brewing puzzle; I mean, a burnt brew irl is not necessarily a bad one. Just tastes like burnt bread yeast; I hear that it’s an acquired taste. :P And Poker. Trick-taking games are older than Poker, and I think they do have Hearts and Spades in that game, too, but depending on when this is taking place I don’t think Pirates would have played Poker. Gotta Wiki’ that later, just to be sure…

*brikd for trying to bring logic in a game that considereds itself to be family-friendly-fun*

And before that I did this:

No reason. Because I wanted to record a blog instead of writing one, and I can’t record audio. Because I could. And because the GIMP and CamStudio can’t run at the same time. :( I’m not too good in GIMP anyway. I draw WAY better in Flash, but that’s only self-comparative and I don’t want to crash my already glitchy compy. I’m really just dabbling. One of these days, one of my stories is going to bug me enough to make me want to draw or write it and then the world will be subjected to my lack of talent. XP

Took GoogleTube long enough; 3 days to figure out to put other MSPaint and speedpaint vids in the related panel. I swear, Google needs to stick to web searches and fun logos. That’s about all they do right. And now I’m probably going to be watching other people’s speedpaints all day. Great. Lovely, thanks.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Alright. New theme, new lease on blogging, same old crap to bitch about.

I need a new gimmick, as well. The whole “Good Morning” thing has been rendered moot to me. You know, like when you say or hear a word so much that it looses all meaning. It just sits there, staring at you, expecting you to know what it is, and all you can come up with is a big, fat nothing. The abstract fission of shapes called letters reducing itself to nothing but yet another visual representation Euclidean simplisim…. So, um, yeah…

*is briked for not really explaining anything with so, SO many words*

I love this song. The video has that whole angsty-love-loss-with-sweeping-landscapes and-flashbacks-thing going for it. So why the hell did that become THIS…

I know, I know… The Goldeneye Cart glitch, and a handful of strange people from Japan, but… honestly… My fascination stopped when I found out that the helicopter (and the tanks, if I remember correctly) ‘did the weird’ when you slightly removed the cart, too. Ah… good times. Goes to show you; put anything to music and humans will find meaning in it.

(Also, I realize that this is nowhere near the original carrier of the meme, but I can at least laugh at this one… the others just weird me out.)

And then I found this…

My first response: “Oh my fart, it’s Extreme-G to music… DOOOO… WANT! *^*…” Alternatively, Audiosurf is probably more like Catch the Beat in a Tron Cycle. Neat thing about the program is that unlike StepMania and osu!, all you need is the music. The game scans the mp3 and generates a track from, well, the track itself. ^_^; The slightly-un-neat thing is that it’s 10 bucks, but that’s a minor gripe… I’d pay. You know, if i had cash. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. It’s cold. It’s cold, and my head hurts. It’s cold, my head hurts, and I think I have a fever. Aside from that, I’m fine. How y’all doin’?…

*… isn’t briked.* O_O…

I have never been too cold to sleep before last night. It’s like someone stuck this side of the plant in the freezer and cranked it to 100 below. I’ve been thinking about sticking a scarf around my neck. Or turning all the appliances on and gleaning warmth from them. Or breaking up furniture and lighting a bonfire. Meh, whichever one works better.

Off-hand, I’ve been very Pokemon-ish as of late. If I haven’t been watching battles, I’ve been training. If I’ve been doing neither of those, I’ve been planning Stat teams to train for general use. Lets see… four days, and three perfectly bred Mon in the theme of maximizing life-growth. And it’s satisfying in such a way that I find hard to put into words. Scary and giggly at the same time, I suppose. :3

My temperament is such that I often start things but don’t find a use in continuing. The horrible thing is that I keep doing the same thing over and over. I get a ‘brilliant’ idea, I plan said brilliant idea, then I either get bored or someone side tracks me. I hate it. So why do I keep doing it?

Quests, little carrots dangled in front of our noses, leading us this way and that. Always in straight lines. Always forward, and never noticing all the interesting things around them.

It’s usually when I realize that it’s just a silly little carrot on a string that I made up myself when an idea usually sours on me… “Haha, what you were following was fake and you’ll never be happy. Ever.”

*And here’s the part where I cringe and consider erasing what I just wrote or even not posting at all…*

So… Old guy who draws comics. Funny stuff. And he’s obviously shameless in his use of StumbleUpon to attract attention. Guy after my own heart. Or is that the other way around? -_-;;;

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I don’t know if it’s the chill in the air or the fact that I could not partake in the chamomile goodness that lulled me to sleep the other night, but I am a real grump when it looks like people have turned on me. OR perhaps the combined doucheness of my older brother and my mom’s bf in one room is just too much for me. Who knows.

Between Brandon’s impromptu Japanese practice and the potbellied-would-be-stepdad’s chronic loudness, I was about ready to kill things. Not a bad emotion when you get used to it, but it gets hard to hide. And people expect you to hide that kind of shit. But how are they supposed to cower in fear and make me feel better? This world makes no sense, I tells ya… :P

Not that my older bro butchers the language. Oh no; man took lessons and everything. Goes to Chinatown to practice. I’ve never met a more devoted Japanophile in my entire life. (Of course, I don’t meet many people period, but that’s a different subject.)

Got some PKMN in the BG. I don’t know; just listening to fights in Battle Revolution makes me feel as though I own it. Meh, someday…

Okay, here’s the theory: Takes about a week to breed and EV trained any SINGLE pokemon. Less than a day for an egg to be laid, an average of three days to hatch the one with a good enough Nature, and a good four or more days to acquire the needed EVs (Pokerus + Power Items, of course). This in mind, wouldn’t it be easier to plan the mons up, set six poke’s to the side (hatch them all first), and then train them all in one specific stat? Of course, the resulting team would be a little one-sided, but I’m doing all this to build a stable of Mon to mix and match as I choose. And If I really do get a stable team out of all this, all the better. Anything to shape up my online record and better my “Bench” box. HP-based builds first. :3

Here, have a Pokemon match…

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Patapon is a game that is ten times more gruesome/dark than it gives itself credit for. The solders sound like kids when they sing, the way they handle life and death is highly simplified, and (unless I’m seeing things) the first worm boss actually gains a head full of arrows and spears as you fight him. Oh yeah; I want this game. >:3

Took me so long to draw yesterday, that I had to post my commission thingys late last night. “What pic?” and “What commissions?” you ask? Well, firstly…

… THIS pic. >:3

And secondly, THIS commission. C’mon. You know you want some.

(EDIT: Links should be all fixxor’d.)

So… how y’all doin’? *briked*

*is probably going to end up posting videos, but hold out hope… ^_^;…*

80 Cores, 1TB of RAM, $8000. It’s an arse-load of moneys, but it’s cheap by gaming rig standards. I… I do believe I have a goal. *stoic-face*

Meh, this is good enough. *nods*

Thank you, and have a nice day.

The Precipice

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I constantly swing across the precipice of awake and dreaming. I have to, because this is where all the fantastic things are. This personal astral plane is where they hide and in order to do what I do I need to throw a line over the edge, take a deep breath, and start climbing downwards. See what I can bring back, you know?

I should hope to heck that no one I know personally has ever read this journal. No reason. I just love it when the thing is I say here start worming their way into reality. That isn’t right. Not even by InkHeart standards. (And if that’s the case, I want to wake up in a huge pile of hundred dollar bills tomorrow morning. :P)

I’ve always thought I was different. Maybe even a little nuts. But the difference between the truly insane and the people like me is that we know when we’re acting like idiots. We just don’t give two craps. It’s when people start to claim they’re fine while shaking and dodging invisible ghosts.

Furthermore, I’m quite alarmed that I don’t have the right to like or dislike things. It just so happens that I dislike most people, a good chunk of pre-internet technology, and talking. I’m not in the mood to explaining. Explaining is for people defending themselves. Why should I defend myself to people who think I’m already ‘gone’…

And that’s my rant. *sighs* :3

And all you can wonder is who’s reading to who.

Can I see the hands of everyone who saw this coming? Yeah, me too. -_-;

… :’3…

Also, “Books that will induce a mindfuck.” Seriously. I don’t think they missed one. Of course, I haven’t read in a while. I mean really read. ‘Glued to your seat for hours’ read. Nope. Somethings come naturally, and some just don’t.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Douchery BEYOND Douchery…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. You know, according to the world-at-large-around-me, I probably have no right at all to this rant. I’ve got no money, I own no land or stock, and I hardly get up past 1pm any more. But you kno what? I’m going to type this any way. Because your misery is my misery. And I LOVE company.

So, I don’t have to tell you how douchey Comcast is. If you’ve used them for internet, if you’ve heard or read stories about the inconsistent service and how you’re locked in a contract when you buy the bundle and what-have-you. Those things are at least bearable seeing as how you probably couldn’t peg them for that in a courtroom. This, tho. This you could… You’d have to be as ’bout as sneaky as them to get it through, but you could try… … … (huge document that looks horrible on the page, and more whining/ranting, under the cut)

… continue reading this entry.

How not to start a blog entry…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I’ve been a bit anti-social as of late. At moments, it’s intentional; I get angry at the oddest little things. Haven’t been feeling my own self-worth as it were. And sometimes it’s the just the overwhelming feeling that I should just disappear and let everyone be.

That angst aside, how y’all doin’? *brik’ed*

PowaPuf Girls Zetto, DA WAN!

So I go looking for the 27th episode of PPGZ. (I’m insanely addicted. If I were 10, I’d squeal every time I hear the opening. Hell, I squeal now. :P ) GUBA, as awesome as it tries to be, is insanely glitchy. This results in funky, segmented embeds when all you want is your standard GoogleTube embeddings; or the video itself not loading. I’d watch on GoogleTube, but the subs get cut off at the bottom sometimes and, well, its kinda useless when you’re used to knowing what was going on. I may have played whole games in Japanese, but that’s different. You don’t quite need story as much in a game as you need it in a show.

Hence why, as I write, I’m downloading DPPGZ-27 from someone’s MegaUpload mirror. Better than nothing, I suppose. (It’s been an hour and a half in counting. It could always be worse. It could always be far, far worse.)

Just when I thought I was going to die from boredom, I flicked up some Manga instead. “$100 is Too Cheap”. Title read interestingly enough. And I was bored. For a one-shot, it’s a nice, solid read. Western-punk meets Sherlock Holmes, in a small way. Wonder if it’ll get serialized? That would be cool. :3

Of course, one can’t really die from boredom. That’s stupid. That’s like saying that you can die from stupid… Well, you can, but that’s an indirect cause of death.

Geh. Connection is being fussy. I’ll go fiddle with the settings nao.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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