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Because you’re going to hear it all month long…

Happy new year. There. Said it.

I hope no one expects me to say that every time I see them. It’s okay now, but it get’s redundant when it’s a day away from February and you’re still cheerfully clamoring, “Happy New Year” like an over-excited animitronic puppet. At that particular point, it IS the new year. Do please to be knowing that… 9_9;;;

*brikd for being a little dramatic*

I’ve eaten so many greens and black-eyed peas, I think I’m going to be crapping dollars and pennies for weeks. Which, I have to say, hurts so far. (I’m pretty sure most will get this, but as far as tradition goes the first pair represents the second. Take a guess at what I’m comparing the second pair to… Yay, toilet humor…)

I should really start recording when I play games. I don’t know. Just something else for me to do. As if I didn’t already have about a billion other ideas. It’s just that I keep coming up with clever commentary when I know that no one will ever hear it. And I keep watching other people on YouTube and how much fun it seems to be. I don’t know. I think I should actually finish something before I start trying anything new, eh?

And now, some links that have nothing to do with each other than my StumbleUpon…

Mister Russell here explains the nature of gravity wells. I can’t quite explain it, but this is one of the many reasons that Mathematicians and Engineers scare me. They just know entirely too much. XD

And if you ever want to end it all (virtually), there’s the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine. Despite the name, it’s not as cool as it sounds. There’s no dramatic talk to someone on the top of a skyscraper nor is there a single hangman’s noose jerry-rig involved. And this disappoints me greatly. :(

And now, cat armor for no real reason. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.



You know, one of these days, I have to just admit that I’ve got little to no direction, little motivation, and absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Push come to shove, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*still getting briked for whatever the hell kind of intro that was*

Puzzle Pirates. You’d think it would be a bomb-out idea, liable to fail in logic at any moment. The trouble is it’s not, and it works for the most-part. It’s like… thinking about Pokemon. “Why the hell do these strange people care about silly little animals that breathe fire?” Well, because they’re silly little animals that breathe fire. It’s self-sustaining; self-justified; because if they really existed, that’s probably what would happen. Same with PP; if matching colored pieces together could set sails or equate to fighting prowess, then it would probably work. In this way, a fully crewed ship, working several puzzles at once, function much like an actual sailing crew. One person screws up, the whole ship goes to bilge… er, shit. The only logic-fail I’ve hit was the brewing puzzle; I mean, a burnt brew irl is not necessarily a bad one. Just tastes like burnt bread yeast; I hear that it’s an acquired taste. :P And Poker. Trick-taking games are older than Poker, and I think they do have Hearts and Spades in that game, too, but depending on when this is taking place I don’t think Pirates would have played Poker. Gotta Wiki’ that later, just to be sure…

*brikd for trying to bring logic in a game that considereds itself to be family-friendly-fun*

And before that I did this:

No reason. Because I wanted to record a blog instead of writing one, and I can’t record audio. Because I could. And because the GIMP and CamStudio can’t run at the same time. :( I’m not too good in GIMP anyway. I draw WAY better in Flash, but that’s only self-comparative and I don’t want to crash my already glitchy compy. I’m really just dabbling. One of these days, one of my stories is going to bug me enough to make me want to draw or write it and then the world will be subjected to my lack of talent. XP

Took GoogleTube long enough; 3 days to figure out to put other MSPaint and speedpaint vids in the related panel. I swear, Google needs to stick to web searches and fun logos. That’s about all they do right. And now I’m probably going to be watching other people’s speedpaints all day. Great. Lovely, thanks.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Alright. New theme, new lease on blogging, same old crap to bitch about.

I need a new gimmick, as well. The whole “Good Morning” thing has been rendered moot to me. You know, like when you say or hear a word so much that it looses all meaning. It just sits there, staring at you, expecting you to know what it is, and all you can come up with is a big, fat nothing. The abstract fission of shapes called letters reducing itself to nothing but yet another visual representation Euclidean simplisim…. So, um, yeah…

*is briked for not really explaining anything with so, SO many words*

I love this song. The video has that whole angsty-love-loss-with-sweeping-landscapes and-flashbacks-thing going for it. So why the hell did that become THIS…

I know, I know… The Goldeneye Cart glitch, and a handful of strange people from Japan, but… honestly… My fascination stopped when I found out that the helicopter (and the tanks, if I remember correctly) ‘did the weird’ when you slightly removed the cart, too. Ah… good times. Goes to show you; put anything to music and humans will find meaning in it.

(Also, I realize that this is nowhere near the original carrier of the meme, but I can at least laugh at this one… the others just weird me out.)

And then I found this…

My first response: “Oh my fart, it’s Extreme-G to music… DOOOO… WANT! *^*…” Alternatively, Audiosurf is probably more like Catch the Beat in a Tron Cycle. Neat thing about the program is that unlike StepMania and osu!, all you need is the music. The game scans the mp3 and generates a track from, well, the track itself. ^_^; The slightly-un-neat thing is that it’s 10 bucks, but that’s a minor gripe… I’d pay. You know, if i had cash. :P

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Douchery BEYOND Douchery…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. You know, according to the world-at-large-around-me, I probably have no right at all to this rant. I’ve got no money, I own no land or stock, and I hardly get up past 1pm any more. But you kno what? I’m going to type this any way. Because your misery is my misery. And I LOVE company.

So, I don’t have to tell you how douchey Comcast is. If you’ve used them for internet, if you’ve heard or read stories about the inconsistent service and how you’re locked in a contract when you buy the bundle and what-have-you. Those things are at least bearable seeing as how you probably couldn’t peg them for that in a courtroom. This, tho. This you could… You’d have to be as ’bout as sneaky as them to get it through, but you could try… … … (huge document that looks horrible on the page, and more whining/ranting, under the cut)

… continue reading this entry.

How not to start a blog entry…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I’ve been a bit anti-social as of late. At moments, it’s intentional; I get angry at the oddest little things. Haven’t been feeling my own self-worth as it were. And sometimes it’s the just the overwhelming feeling that I should just disappear and let everyone be.

That angst aside, how y’all doin’? *brik’ed*

PowaPuf Girls Zetto, DA WAN!

So I go looking for the 27th episode of PPGZ. (I’m insanely addicted. If I were 10, I’d squeal every time I hear the opening. Hell, I squeal now. :P ) GUBA, as awesome as it tries to be, is insanely glitchy. This results in funky, segmented embeds when all you want is your standard GoogleTube embeddings; or the video itself not loading. I’d watch on GoogleTube, but the subs get cut off at the bottom sometimes and, well, its kinda useless when you’re used to knowing what was going on. I may have played whole games in Japanese, but that’s different. You don’t quite need story as much in a game as you need it in a show.

Hence why, as I write, I’m downloading DPPGZ-27 from someone’s MegaUpload mirror. Better than nothing, I suppose. (It’s been an hour and a half in counting. It could always be worse. It could always be far, far worse.)

Just when I thought I was going to die from boredom, I flicked up some Manga instead. “$100 is Too Cheap”. Title read interestingly enough. And I was bored. For a one-shot, it’s a nice, solid read. Western-punk meets Sherlock Holmes, in a small way. Wonder if it’ll get serialized? That would be cool. :3

Of course, one can’t really die from boredom. That’s stupid. That’s like saying that you can die from stupid… Well, you can, but that’s an indirect cause of death.

Geh. Connection is being fussy. I’ll go fiddle with the settings nao.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Forged from balls of steel…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. There is a difference between doing something because you want to and doing something because someone else wants it. You can do something because you want to do it, but it can quickly change into something everyone wants, because people are naturally empty and feel they need other people’s shit to fill up their lives. Something someone else wants you to do never ever ends up being something you actually want to do. It just doesn’t. I suppose the sum-up for this is that you’re vexed either way, so you should do whatever the hell you feel like and tell them all to suck it through a dirty straw that they found in a dumpster. :P

I want to animate. Like RIGHT now. I see keyframes in everything, I look at other animation and mentally ‘correct’ the motion. I want to animate. That might be my project for the day. :3

Checking e-mail as I write. I should really unsubscribe from a lot of these things. Fastweb? Goodbye. Ntreev? Gone. Job Circle? I don’t even have the password to you anymore. And don’t get me started on GaiaOnline… -_-;

I want to play SecondLife. I don’t know. It’s not like i looked at any pic of mods on there yet or stumbled any vids. No. I just keep hearing about the vast oogobs of thing that you can do to make cash on there. The only thing is that it’s 3D. That’s a whole other skill to try to gather up. But… It’s Furcadia with money. But… I can’t 3D model if my life depended on it. I can’t And you have to be so exacting and precise about the crap. I’d rather draw something and zap it into Zbrush. *sigh*

Read this and tell me you’re not ready to keel over laughing. I hate it when they promote something like hell for ten years, and then say that it’s unhealthy for the next ten. I’m waiting for the news reports to hit the news here so that my Mom can freak out about how much I’m on the computer… again… Gob help us all… 9-9

Also, deep-fried butter. Yum. -_-;

Don’t remember if I posted this,
but it’s cool enough to post twice.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Embrace the Random…

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. The sun is up, the day is half done, and I’m about done my ‘mooching from the internets’ quota. Gob bless Greasemonkey. Pass it on, pay it forward, and wear it out until Google-Tube catches on and makes it impossible to do what we do for another week or so. (You know, when some other brilliant coder comes up with another piece of awesome.) Amen.

I’m starting to think that my Mom is just another repressed artist. She woke me up at about 8am (my ‘4-in-the-morning’) and babbles some crap about e-cards and some shit. I really don’t remember the whole thing. I do remember being reminded of the 20 or so sites that do that already, and wanting to tell her ‘shhhh’, dragging her over to my computer, and showing her these sites. Woman needs SU in her life; she might actually get an original idea… >.>

Well-meaning as that was, it doesn’t keep me from wanting to blow up the house. I don’t do completely nothing all day unless someone pisses me the fuck off. Which she does very often. Oh, to find that open lot (or switch to searching for a squat)… =_=#

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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Well, here it is, 2:30 in the afternoon, and I’m just gaining my senses for the day. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of that. Let’s just gloss that over until someone makes me feel one way or another. Nothing justifies thoughts like the thoughts of others, right?

I think I might join facebook. I might. My little brother is on it, so I wouldn’t be completely alone. And if I pop in my schools, I can find all my fellow losers. And then we can… you know, all be losers together or something like that.

Damn, I am really taking this ‘lonely’ thing to heart. I blame hormones. Nothing as depressing as waking up smelling like your own spunk and not remembering what kind of hot stallion you dreamt about to make your body do that.

As much porn as I faved, I should draw yiff. Wouldn’t hurt, only help. I know basic anatomy, I have enough of a porn-pile to copy and practice off of, and I really need something else to fill the time. Something other than MMOs and artsites and looking at yiff.

Ok. Random crap…So um… giraffe dong. Well, LEGO giraffe dong. Stolen off a large LEGO giraffe. By tourists who go to Berlin. I swear, if they’re Furries, I’m leaving the fandom for good… -_-;

*smacks self for thinking about humping a giraffe dong..*

*searches for giraffes on FA* >.>… <.<… no one will evar know…

What can I say? I have a weakness for equines… 6_6;

I don't know what it is, but I'm sneezing like crazy. Hope I'm not sick.

And internet: I don’t has one. And the “limited to no connection warning” keeps appearing and fading. What the hell? O well. Let’s hijack someone else’s.

IP conflict. Oh boy… :P

Well. i have a new puzzle for the day. Goddamnit. Everything was going all nice and then, bamph. Meh, whatever. Gives me something to do.

Nevermind. Little bro on the case. Crap, man, he’s just good at everything. Even though all he did was unplug and plug the power cord, I still think he’s a freakin’ genius.

So I think I’ll start accumulating friends on StumbleUpon. I’ll start with my subscribers and work my way out. If you’re on SU, feel free to subscribe, message, and/or friend me. My link is in my profile at the top. PleaseAndThankYou. ;P

Thank you and have a nice day.


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Today is for drawing. It just is. Yesterday was for games, but today is for drawing.

I am under the influence of some kind of heavy, headdy, dream-like state. And I can’t seem to pry my mind out of it, either. It doesn’t feel bad enough to try and break out of it. Hell, maybe it’ll make me draw better.

I’m browsing Furry pics at the moment. Anything worth a laugh or a look will probably meet your peepers below. I’m honestly doing this to wake up… -_-;

… continue reading this entry.

E-mail… yay (?)

Good afternoon, good morning, good evening. I’m starting to realize that caffeine is caffeine and that ritual is over rated. And that no matter what I do there will always be someone in my way in the kitchen in the middle of the day.

My little brother works at a game store. I’m pretty sure if you’ve been keeping up with me, you know this off the top of your head. But he’s good at it, I mean really good. He’s a strong personality, but laid back enough so that it isn’t overbearing. He’s clever and knows how to get people talking. And he’s just fun to be around, even when something’s not working right. Half of me says, “Well, good the hell for him.” The other is going, “Jenn, why can’t you be like that?” … Then I promptly look at my art and writing and recognize that I’m exactly as I’m supposed to be; Geeky, skinny, and full of ideas.

Mail is a pain. E-mail is a ruddy mix of pain and PHD. Piled High and Deeper. Job notifications, LJ notifications that I should probably cut off, mail from MMOs I don’t play anymore, MMOs I do play, horoscopes, Yahoo ads… and it just goes on and on… -_-;

If I did believe wholeheartedly in the zodiac, this would totally be the one I’ve believe in. Check the Sagg’. Oh yeah. Bang. >:3

“You need to act as a counselor to someone close today — maybe with a problem you know little about. Draw on your experience and do your best, but don’t shy away from the responsibility.” … Well, that makes me feel better about today. I give horrible advise. Whatever it is, it should go swell. 9_9

I’m half-and-half about the accuracy of the stars and how they may or may not effect us. Until we can find the exact force that the stars and planets have on us and measure it, I’m not throwing my hat on either side of the line.

Heh… I open an email from Outspark, and, look, free stuff. @_@ A super-potion of some sort, and a snazzy red dress… >:P You could at least throw in a pair of cat ears. Of course, I know it’s a ploy to get me to look at the other things in the store and buy some ‘Spark Cash’. You knew that too, right?

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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