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Snow on the dashboard, snow on the ground

9GAG has it. It just stopped wet-snowing around here, irl. And as I returned to my WP dashboard and saw floating flecks of white. Well, have to brace myself for the invasion of the MySpace script that should have stayed there.

*brikd for having no holiday spirit*

I’ll gave to look into starting an errand business or something. Been doing it forever, I have all the time in the world, and heck knows if I can go to a store and buy something for some old people. I mean, they’re practically all up and down my block. And if they aren’t aged socialites, they’re busy families that could probably care less about standing in long, long lines at the supermarket. I could totally do that… Oh… wait… I’d need a phone for something like that. And I’m pretty sure Mom would be a bit of a killjoy about just how honest people are or some nightmare scenario like that. Oh man, wrinkles to iron out…

Played some Triple Triad last night. Subsequently reminded myself of why I probably stopped playing: It’s too damned fun.

This is your minigame.

This is your minigame on drugs.

Or ADD. It doesn’t get ADHD unless you’re playing in a timed tourney. Going to play some after I animate today. :P

Who am I kidding? *starts game up*

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Raid Fail


… The mini baddies it summons is no excuse. A couple of them targeted me, and I beat them with time enough to get back to healing the main tanker. I had help, but yeah… Everyone was too damned close to the Boss, and that’s about the size of it. And then my lovely connection lagged my controls… I blame the rain on that one. :P

And you know, it keeps happening to me, too. It’s like the whole gamer slate has been wiped clean and all I have left to play with are the scrappy little guys that do well enough until some actual strategy is involved. Then it all falls like a quiche in a stampede. Lovely.

Took me a while to wake up as it is. I’m just now gathering the faculties to type and such. I really don’t do 5am wake up calls that well. And to hell if I even have the cognitive sense to say no to things. Which is probably why I have a cooler full of food in my room. But it is raining. And it’s cold, too. Can’t really be out there unless I want a cold. I hope this isn’t Summer ending too soon. That would scare me a little.

So, the lot-hunt is called on the count of crappy weather. *snaps fingers in fake disappointment* As is the freecycling. It’s too bad; there were aluminum rods involved as well as some electrical wire. Sounds like support poles and twine to me, don’t you think? I really should pay more attention to the weather reports. -_-;

Meh… Thank you, and have a nice day.



Evenly-Keeled Philosophy, With a Side of Imbalance

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. I cannot be truly comfortable in a world where William Shatner is free to interview fellow stars on his own show. I’m just… not. And you shouldn’t be either.

Other than that depressing piece of news, I’m fine. I suppose. I’m not depressed, I’m not hyper. I’m just… coasting a bit, I suppose.

Supposed to be a thunderstorm today. It’s all dark and light in intervals and such. All the church-folk have left for the day. The morning mass of cars no longer clutter the streets. I’d just love to hear them crash into each other, just once. See how loving and full of the word of the Lord they are then…

My mind is the blank slate upon the dreams of a thousand adventures is painted in shades of adventures I’ve seen before. Each one is at the same time new and yet nothing new. I gaze upon this web of dreams in my brain, pluck a handful from it and scribe them out lovingly, as a tribute to all who have created before me and all who will create after me.

Woah. There I go again. I’m starting to think that there’s another me at the keyboard when I go like that. There need to be more musings like that in the world. But who would listen to me? The 25 people that frequent my blog, and the 20 more that look at my LiveJournal? I don’t know. I think… I think I’ll figure that out when I get to it, eh?

So, a thirteen story building falls over in Shanghai, China. With a guy inside. I don’t know… I think a ‘loss of words’ is an understatement. o-o

And, also:

funny animated gif
… just to humble you a bit. >:3

Quick, Assumate All of Reality in a Single Sentence!

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. I spoke too soon about all that wonky weather. Got a chill right at my elbow from right outside and it’s supposed to rain most of this week. Yay, Philly being in the same climate zone as Seattle.

I come out of the nothingness, into the somethingness, and come up with things that are not things but something else. I take the something else, mash it up with a little of this and that, and toss it into my blendy brain and, naturally, get something different each time I do this.

Sorry. That was pointless.

How’s everybody today? Good? That’s good.

Pokemon. I made it to all my berries today. Which is good, because most of them were either blooming or on their way to it. Gained about five more levels on my Wall-ing Swablu. It learned Refresh, but I’m considering another move. Other than Refresh. (It has ‘Natural Cure’. And I SHOULD have something to switch it with.) I’m thinking Steel Wing. Would certainly round her type coverage. If not, Toxic looks good on any Wall…

Heh… that’s kinda cool…

An hour ago or so, I watched Norm Abram make a whirligig version of the logo version of himself. Do I have to tell you that my eyes were transfixed to the screen for the whole episode? Heck, I always mouth the words to his ever-stoic lecture about shop safety. “… And the most important safety rule is to wear these safety glasses.” Plus, anyone that’s willingly appeared on an episode of Freakazoid is alright with me. :3

Oh noes. I’ve started watching Freakazoid. Well, that’s going to be on in the BG all day. :3. So deliciously random. I think the writers of that show truly didn’t care at first. They just threw in everything that they thought was funny, and hoped for the best.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

When it Rains, I Cry like a Baby

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. There’s something about a thunderstorm and a torrential downpour that makes you want to burrow down into your covers and never come out. And THEN I found out that someone in southern NJ gained a new skylight courtesy of the lightning. I understand. I’m in my mid-twenties and still afraid of lightning. I don’t care. I’ll say it loud and embarrassingly squeakily, just like Tails:

I’m officially hooked on Pokemon again. Oh boy. This should be fun. I finally leveled a Zubat high enough to have Haze, which is the move I bred into the Swablu egg that I’m working to hatch now. I decided that Nature is the first element of ‘Perfect’ training that I’m throwing out the window. Nature basically gives an attribute that makes the Mon’ more prone to gain points in a desired stat. Takes too long to do, takes too much to get it to do what you want on a constant basis, and I just want a team now. I can hunt… 15+ differently Nature’d Ditto later. I’m two Mon’ away from a temporary team.

Tropes are not bad. Tropes are tools. Tools to be wielded as carefully as possible. But I guess that’s what noobs like this one are for. I’ll give them credit; because Blogger is a little more visually flexible, the site actually looked genuine. I swear, I’ve never seen such short paragraphs in my entire life. Let alone the lack of actual content. It was entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons. Thank you, StumbleUpon for sending me to another loser. I needed to feel superior today.

You know, it used to be enough to hope for a sequel. Then series like MegaMan made that all too silly a thought, so then we started looking forward to new ways to tell digital stories and gameplay elements. Both, in their own way, mean that new tech had to come out to keep up with this… thirst for newness. (That’s all I can call it. *shrugs*) Don’t bother with the article. Go straight to the comments.

Mr. ‘jvdeen’ is why I just don’t give a crap for new tech anymore. The tech should not outweigh the game. I repeat: THE TECH SHOULD NOT OUTWEIGH THE GAME! They should go hand-in-hand, working as one to create the experience of being away from your own life. You know, like books used to.

Furthermore, I have played better games on Newgrounds, Kongregate, and various other random places on the net. Games where there was a clear element of thought put into the whole she-bang where Flash or Java itself might have fallen short if they lacked the imagination. But didn’t, of course.

What I want from a game is simple. Engagement, complexity, and cleverness. Engage me in such a way that makes me think differently. Be just complex enough to get me to sit up in my seat and say ‘wow’, even if for a second. And be clever enough to the point where you could imagine playing the game even if there was no real point.

This one makes me ‘lol’…

Thank you, and have a nice day.